About Extreme River Rafting Tour

It’s time to hook in and hold on. The East Glacial river has a reputation of being one of the most exciting rivers in Europe. We guarantee you will have a great river rafting adventure with us! The East Glacial River is classified as 4+.

The trip begins at our boathouse where our friendly and professional guides will provide you with all of the equipment and information needed for tackling our famous glacial rivers. We provide wet-suits, dry tops, helmets, buoyancy aids /life jackets and rafting booties. We offer a large selection of wetsuits of high quality. Due to difficult conditions that can occur in glacial rivers, we do not offer dry suit. This is done to ensure the safety of our costumer.

All you need to bring is your swimming suit, warm sweater or fleece and a towel. Optional extras are a sense of humour and adventure!

Once we are all changed we then drive you into the East Valley to the starting spot. Our trip leader will give a safety speech with all of the relative safety information needed to get the most out of your trip.

The river rafting route leads 16 km through the East Glacial canyon. We will tackle rapids such as Alarm Clock, Commitment, Screaming Lady and of course the famous Green Room. Depending on the water levels we will also stop for some cliff jumping for those that feel they need a little more excitement. The bus will meet us at the take out where steaming bowls of hot soup are waiting. After a short 20 minute ride back to the base you can unwind in our hot pools.

Safety and the small print

Bakkaflöt is the longest running river rafting company in Iceland operated by the same family from 1993 and yes we believe that we have the most experience here in Iceland.

We are a small family run company that with time has implemented the most secured safety standards and therefore we have had close to no accidents. We have achieved this mostly because of the good guide training and experience.

Our primary concern is the safety of each trip. We only use up to date modern equipment, all of our rafts, paddles, life-jackets and helmets are less than 5 years old. Our guide team all hold internationally recognized certificates in raft guiding, first aid and river rescue. Each season we are constantly training and reviewing our safety standards and evacuation procedures.

On each river rafting trip we guarantee you the following:

• 5mm thick rafting wetsuit to keep you warm and protect you from any rocks should you take a swim

• River rafting helmet

• lifejacket (personal flotation device)

• River rafting shoes

• dry top

• full safety brief in English/Icelandic.

We often get the question „why do not you use dry suits“ the answer is simple, we believe that wet suits are better because there can be sharp rock in the river and no one wants to have there suit filled with water, if a wet-suit is torn nothing happens, what is more, the wet-suit gives better protection if you hit a rock with your leg or feet.

We always carry a minimum of 2 VHF radios, a comprehensive first aid kit and most of all well trained, friendly and professional river rafting guides.

Our business all confirm to Icelandic transport regulations and all of our drivers hold commercial driving licenses.

Rafting is a weather dependent sport. Bakkaflöt reserves the right to cancel or change any trips depending on the weather conditions. We also have the right to cancel the trip for people who put themselves and others at danger during or before a trip

Our rafting takes place on glacial rivers where the water is cold all year around. Once you get cold it is very hard to get you warm again. By bringing the correct thermal clothing you reduce the possibilities of becoming cold. Please do not bring any cotton products with you to wear on the river. If you are too warm on the river we can think of many creative ways to cool you down, for example, cliff jumping.



Class 4+ rapids


4 – 5 hours

Minimum age

18 years



Trips on the East Glacial River are run daily at 09:00 and 15:00

Max weight

Each person can be up to 110 kg


EUR 170.2



Wetsuit, equipment and safety gear


Transport to and from the river


Entry to hot tubes





Long sleeved fleece



Optional things to bring


Thermals (optional - no cotton)


Woollen socks or hiking socks


Sunblock (yes, you can get sunburn in Iceland)




At the start of your trip, the trip leader will ask you to sign a liability release waiver. We will also ask you 2 important questions.

1. Can you swim?

2. Do you have any medical conditions we need to be aware of?

Please answer these questions honestly. We can still take non- swimmers rafting for the West River but it’s nice to know so we can help you a little more. We can also give you a free lesson on the river if you wish.

Please advise us of any medical conditions that you may have no matter how trivial they are.

This is so that we are able to help you in a more efficient manner should you have any problems on the river. We are also able to take the medication in a waterproof box should you need it during your trip. Bakkaflöt will not take pregnant ladies rafting due to the risk involved with adventure sports.


Bakkaflöt reserves the right to cancel or curtail any trip at short notice due to the prevailing weather conditions or a safety compromise.

Bakkaflöt reserves the right to refuse participation in rafting activities to those deemed dangerous to themselves and others. We advise you not to drink alcohol excessively 12 hours prior to the start of your trip.


Should Bakkaflöt cancel your trip we will give a 100% refund


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Is your date not available?

If your time and date are not available, please contact us and we will see if we can figure things out for you.




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