Goose Hunting

The hunting period is from August 20 to March 15, but in northern Iceland you will find that the most amount of geese is from the beginning of September til the end of October. The geeses we hunt are Greylag goose and pink-footed goose, but these strains have just been rising and there has been no limitto how many birds each person can catch at any given time. When goose hunting hunters want wind and even rain you can say the worse the weather is the better but because of this it is important to be in good clothes. 

We offer both evening and morning hunts, but the most common hunt when catching geese is to go early in the morning, then normally we head out 1-2 hours before sunrise to start preparing the field and adjust the artificial geese and hunting blinds if they are needed (conditions evaluated) they sometime can be used in ditches if they are suitable for lying, it can vary how many artificial geese are needed, we have found out that 40-60 works well. 

At first light the first goose can be expected and the greatest flights can be expected in the first two hours, but it is normal to limit how long you stay until lunchtime, this is done so the birds wont get scared of visiting the field. 

These tours are only private and we can arrange to get the hunters from the airport and bring them back. Ideally 3-4 day trip with 2-3 morning flights and 1 evening flight is something hunters should aim for.

Goose hunting is something that everyone has to try and if the hunt goes well then this is one activity people want to do every year. 

Useful information

Bakkaflöt have an agreement with a large number of local land owners in the skagafördur region so we are able to gain access to the prime hunting spots within a 30 minute drive of the Bakkaflöt base. Most of the hunting take place in corn fields early in the morning.

Bakkaföt provide all equipment and transport need fo your trip. You have to provide your own Gun, ammunition, clothing and of course the hunting spirit

Size of group can be from 2 - 10 hunters.

You just send us how many will be in the group and how many day you want to stay and we will send you a plan and the cost.

We can pick you up in Keflavík or Akureyri airport and drive to Bakkaflöt after the dinner can you use ours small outdoor hot pools with a small heated swimming pool which all guests are welcome to use.

Send us a email or call us for more info or bookings or or phone us in
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