Bakkaflöt is 30 years old!
Bakkaflöt is a family-run company that has years of experience in the field of tourism.

What to bring with you and the small print

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For each rafting trip we will provide you with the following equipment:

  • Longjohn style wetsuit
  • Neoprene river booties (shoes)
  • Splash Jacket
  • Personal floatation device (lifejacket)
  • Helmet

You need to provide:

  • Swimwear
  • Towel (don't worry if you forget yours, we have plenty to borrow)
  • Long sleeve thermal underwear or a thin fleece

Our rafting takes place on glacial rivers where the water is cold all year around. Once you get cold it is very hard to get you warm again. By bringing the correct thermal clothing you reduce the possibilities of becoming cold. Please do not bring any cotton products with you to wear on the river. If you are too warm on the river we can think of many creative ways to cool you down, for example cliff jumping.

Other optional things to bring with you:

  • Woollen socks or hiking socks (remember, no cotton socks)
  • Sunblock (yes, you can get sunburn in Iceland)
  • Camera
  • Small snack (for the bus ride)

Pre-trip information

At the start of your trip the trip leader will ask you to sign a liability release waiver. We will also ask you 2 important questions.

1. Can you swim?

2. Do you have any medical conditions we need to be aware of?

Please answer these questions honestly. We can still take non swimmers rafting for the West River but its nice to know so we can help you a little more. We can also give you a free lesson on the river if you wish.

Please advise us of any medical conditions that you may have no matter how trivial they are.
This is so that we are able to help you in a more efficient manner should you have any problems on the river. We are also able to take medication in a waterproof box should you need it during your trip. Bakkaflöt will not take pregnant ladies rafting due to the risk involved with adventure sports.

Cancellation policy

  • Bakkaflöt reserves the right to cancel or curtail any trip at short notice due to the prevailing weather conditions or a safety compromise.

  • Bakkaflöt reserves the right to refuse participation in rafting activities to those deemed dangerous to themselves and others. We advise you not to drink alcohol excessively 12 hours prior to the start of your trip.


When booking your rafting trip you will be asked for a credit card number to confirm you booking. Your card will not be charged until you arrive for your trip. All card numbers are destroyed once payment has been taken.

  • Should you cancel your trip the same day as your departure we will charge your card with the full cost of the trip. We are flexible in case of an accident or sickness.

  • Should you cancel your trip the day before your departure we will charge your card 50 % of the trip fee per person.

  • If you do not attend your rafting session and fail to contact us, we will charge your card with the full cost of the trip.

  • Should Bakkaflöt cancel your trip we will give a 100% refund.