Bakkaflöt is 30 years old!
Bakkaflöt is a family-run company that has years of experience in the field of tourism.

River Rafting

River rafting in North Iceland

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If you are looking for somthing to do in North Iceland then you should check White water River rafting with Bakkaflöt.

We have proudly offered our own whitewater rafting operation since 1993. All of our trips begin and end at our boathouse. Our team of local and international friendly guides will give you all of the equipment and information needed to ensure you have a fun and safe experience with us.

Each trip includes all necessary rafting equipment and guiding along with our own private transport to and from the rivers. When returning to the base all rafting guests are welcome to use our hot pools.

We run trips on 2 local rivers, the East Glacial river and the West Glacial river. The international river classification system has 5 levels of grading: class 1 (easy) to class 5 (very demanding). Please contact us directly if you need more information about our trips.

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