Bakkaflöt is 30 years old!
Bakkaflöt is a family-run company that has years of experience in the field of tourism.

Goose Hunting

Hunting in Iceland

Hunting Goose Hunting

Goose and Duck Hunting from 15 of september until 15 of oktober.

Bakkaflöt have an agreement with a large number of local land owners in the skagafijor region so we are able to gain access to the prime hunting spots within a 30 minute drive of the Bakkaflöt base. Most of the hunting take place in corn fields early in the morning.

Bakkaföt provide all equipment and transport need fo your trip. You have to provide your own Gun,ammunition,clothing and of course the hunting spirit

You just send us how many will be in the group and how many day you want to stay and we will send you a plan and the cost.

We will pick you up in Keflavík or Akureyri airport and drive to Bakkaflöt after the dinner can you use ours small outdoor hot pools with a small heated swimming pool which all guests are welcome to use.

Early in the morning day after will we go and set op the decoys and blinds and that can take about 1-1,5 hour after that wait in the blinds or if we can find us a nice caches then is that also options, when the sun comes up then the goose start to flay from the rivers where most of them are staying ower the nights to the fields. The guides go always the day befor to see where on the fields the goose is staying becouse that is the place witch we want to be the day after. We can expect that at must of the birds witch was the day before on the field will come back the day after. After few ours hunting will we go back to Bakkaflöt for lunce. In the evening is possible to go for duck hunting if the group want that or go for seebirds huning in the afternoon.

Size of group can be from 2 - 10 hunters.

Send us a email or call us for more info or bookings or or phone us in +354 8487524